Living for the Craft

With a sense of gratitude, we take the raw materials of our products and transform them into works of art.
Hoping that the exquisite sounds produced by the player will touch the hearts of listeners, we constantly strive to improve our bows for stringed instruments.
SUGITO BOW has specialized in making bows for stringed instruments for more than 100 years, from when Western musical instruments were still rare in Japan. Over the decades, the company founder and subsequent generations of craftsmen have studied and discovered much, and developed secret techniques in the manufacturing of numerous bows. Today, our highly skilled craftsmen inherit that legacy and continue to make further improvements.
Our excellence in craftsmanship as a Japanese company is widely recognized and appreciated by customers not only in Europe but also in the US and Asia. Today, Japanese musicians have attained international acclaim. Whether for master musicians or children just learning to play a stringed instrument, we will continue making bows that they can trust as a reliable extension of their right arm.


110year history of SUGITO BOW

1899 first Kenjiro Sugito (1862–1920), the founder, begins making bows for stringed instruments.
1918 second Bungoro Sugito (1888–1970) inherits the craft as the second-generation successor.
He begins to train craftsmen.
1946 third Takeshi Sugito (1923–1994) inherits the craft as the third-generation successor.

SUGITO BOW MFG. becomes a limited partnership company.
The company establishes the technique for manufacturing the SUGITO Meister Series bows.

1975 fourth Koji Sugito (1952–2008) inherits the craft of bow-making as
the fourth-generation successor after studying in Europe.
1994 Koji Sugito becomes president and takes over the company.
The company establishes the technique for manufacturing the SUGITO Sensitive Series bows.
2008 fifth Chikako Sugito becomes president and
takes over the company as the fifth-generation successor.
2014   SUGITO BOW MFG. is reestablished as a joint-stock company.

SUGITO, a Japanese manufacturer,
is trusted all over the world.
The combination of highest quality materials and true craftsmanship delivers ultimate sound quality.

Uniformity of quality

As a natural product, the quality of wood varies from timber to timber. How do we ensure uniform quality of our bows made from individual pieces of natural wood?
When we process timbers, first we cut out pieces of uniform dimensions to ensure the same baseline.
From there, craftsmen begin the process of uncompromising selection. The pieces that do not meet the performance requirements for bows are discarded and not even allowed into the workshop.
Then, as the craftsmen turn the selected pieces into bows, further selection processes are repeated, allowing only wood of sufficiently high quality to proceed to the next stage.
Through this strict ranking by craftsmen and instrument measurements, the pieces are grouped by rank of material in terms of functionality as a bow. The higher quality materials are accorded higher prestige. SUGITO allows you to select from a range of products that you can trust from truly excellent quality to reasonably priced.
Our dedication allows customers to select a bow with confidence.


Rarity of premium quality bows

Phernambuco is the best type of wood for making bows for stringed instruments.
Nothing reveals the capabilities of bow-making craftsmen better than the way they use Phernambuco. To make top-quality bows, the best parts of only the best timbers must be used. Such bows are rare.
The characteristics of a bow depend on how it is cut out from the timber. With our Sensitive Series bows, we strictly select the very best wood, and then lavishly use only the best parts to ensure supreme quality. With our Meister Series bows, we use only premium-quality materials chosen through repeated selection from the same baseline.
SUGITO bows are made using special manufacturing techniques, and are without doubt among the best bows in the world, earning the title of “magic wands.”
Out of the two series of SUGITO bows, which one will you choose?


Craftsmanship honed over more than 110 years lets you produce living sounds.

Highly skilled craftsmen are the heroes at SUGITO BOW.

After learning each manufacturing technique, the craftsmen progressively take on more responsibility for finishing products and teaching the next generation as the head of their particular expertise.

Day after day, they continue studying better manufacturing techniques and ways to improve the quality of bows. Our bows are highly valued worldwide not only for their functionality, but also because of their exquisitely finished details.


Testing is a part of our manufacturing process.

We check the quality of our bows by listening to the sound they produce when played by a professional musician.

During such testing, we check not only the quality of sound, but also the player’s experience in using the bow, controllability and finish quality. The bow-making craftsmen then fine-tune the bows based on feedback to create the perfect product.
Premium quality bows are tested by various musicians specializing in the violin, viola, cello and contrabass to ensure that the bows are appropriately ranked.


After-sales Maintenance

All bows bearing the SUGITO logo are a valuable part of our heritage.

Accordingly, we are committed to providing after-sales maintenance of your SUGITO bow.
Whether you bought it just recently or more than a half century ago, please feel free to ask us about its usability or to request a change to the way it is finished.
After hearing your views on the bow you purchased from us, we may suggest ways to refinish it to make it unique, or to resolve any problems with the bow. (Depending on the nature of the modification, adjustment, part replacement, etc., fees may be incurred. Please ask for details.)
We continue to make bows with confidence and pride, and will always make each bow with the utmost care. This reflects our commitment to the art of music.


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